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Commissioned portraits is a great way to turn favorite memories into beautiful works of art. All pieces are created from pictures instead of live sittings so the subjects do not need to be present or sit still for long periods. There are so many great reasons to invest in a commissioned piece of art. 


Even for the people that are hard to buy for, art makes a great gift. Whether for anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, weddings, Christmas or holidays, or any other special occasion, I can create something incredible special and meaningful for that special someone. 

Pencil Drawing - Wedding Portrait
Atlantic Coast Acrylic Painting


Art is beautiful and can brighten up any room, especially when it has sentimental value. It can add a splash of color, tie a room together, or be a center or talking piece. 

Preserve Memories

Celebrate your most treasured moments such as family photos, engagement photos, holidays, sport moments, team photos, recitals, or your favorite landscape photos.

Pet Pencil Portrait
Pencil Family Protrait


Losing a loved one is always difficult, and we often look for something to remind us of them. Memorial portraits can be of a family member, friend, or pet. They also make great gifts to comfort someone you know who is going through a loss. 

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